Photo by Sarah Jacobs 

I'm a food-obsessed advocate, journalist, and future lawyer.

I wake up in the morning excited to make the world a better and more delicious place. I think good listening, sharp storytelling, and smart policy-making will get us there.   

I'm in my first year of studying transsystemic law at McGill University in my hometown of Montreal. I come armed with a Masters in food policy from New York University, a serious stack of cookbooks, and over five years of journalism and communications experience. Most recently, I was the inaugural editor of the food vertical for GOOD Magazine, where I led daily coverage of high-impact projects and innovations in the worlds of farming, restaurant work, food technology and start-ups, policy, and more. 

I've also built and run an editorial platform for Taste Talks, a festival series and awards program that charts the cutting-edge in food and drink; curated food content and breaking news for Facebook; reported about food policy and restaurant work for VICE Munchies, Forbes, and Lucky Peach; and covered international politics for GlobalPost

One of the coolest things I've ever done was host, produce, and fundraise for Heritage Radio Network, the only radio station in the world dedicated entirely to food. In my spare time, I cook for and deliver meals to Montreal community members in need; ride my bike, snowboard, and hike, depending on the weather; practice yoga and meditation; and host giant dinner parties for friends and their friends. I'm also an excellent travel companion—I pack light, make friends easily, and can always sniff out a great restaurant. 

Need help with your next project, publication, or campaign? Know the best place to eat in your city or town? Have a lead on an organization making change in the food world? I'd love to hear from you.