Talia Ralph_Headshot_chair.jpg

I want to make our world a better place to work and eat.

I am a 3L at McGill's Faculty of Law working towards a career in litigation. I also have a Masters in Food Systems, an honours degree in journalism, and over six years of communications experience.

I co-founded the McGill Food Law Society and the Food and Agriculture Law Lab, which offer students opportunities to tackle food systems challenges through law and policy. I am currently a clerk for Quebec’s administrative tribunal and a researcher for the Law, Governance & Society Lab, where I look at how strategic environmental litigation impacts policy.

Before studying law, I was the founding editor of Taste Talks, a media curator for Facebook, a food reporter for outlets like VICE Munchies, Forbes and Lucky Peach, and an international politics editor for GlobalPost. I also hosted and produced podcasts for Heritage Radio Network, the only radio station in the world dedicated entirely to food.

In my free time, I volunteer with care workers through Pro Bono Students Canada; ride my bike, ski, snowboard and hike (sometimes in the same day, depending on the weather); and cook for friends and family.

Photo by Rachel Cheng