Talia Ralph_Headshot_chair.jpg

I want to make our world a better place to work and eat.


I am a 3L at McGill's Faculty of Law working towards a career in public interest litigation. I also have a Masters in Food Systems, an honours degree in journalism, and over six years of communications experience. I am committed to protecting the rights of women and workers and interested in exploring the intersections between food, public health, and labour and employment law.

I co-founded the McGill Food Law Society, which offers students opportunities to tackle food systems challenges through law and policy. I also interned with Harvard's Food Law and Policy Clinic, where I helped to find solutions to complex issues like food waste and indigenous food sovereignty.

Pre-law school, I was the founding editor of Taste Talks, a media curator for Facebook, a food reporter for outlets like VICE Munchies, Forbes and Lucky Peach, and an international politics editor for GlobalPost. Some of the coolest work I've done was host and produce podcasts for Heritage Radio Network, the only radio station in the world dedicated entirely to food.  

When I'm not studying, I volunteer with Pro Bono Students Canada, ride my bike, ski, snowboard and hike (sometimes in the same day, depending on the weather!), and host  dinner parties for friends and family. 

Photo by Rachel Cheng