Montreal Recommendations


-Joe Beef (make a rez now!)***

- Vin Papillon

- Lupita (great mexican sandwiches)

- Arthur's (best for brunch)

- Larry's (any time of day)

- Au Pied du Cochon (very fois-gras filled, a classic)

- Club Chasse et Peche (one of the best in the city) 

- Maison Publique 

- La Banquise or Patati-patata for poutine 

- Sumac (trendy and wonderful mediteranean food)

- Gibby's - classic, old-school steakhouse in Old Montreal

- Dolcetto - fun little pizza and charcuterie spot, also in Old Montreal 

- Lola Rosa - super fun McGill hangout with amazing veggie food 

- Santropol Cafe - good for a quick lunch or coffee 



- Vice versa

- Drinkerie

- Darling (also a great daytime cafe) 

- Reservoir (also has a great menu)

- Big in Japan (also great food) 

- Dieu Du Ciel (awesome local brewery) 

- Tiradito (fun Peruvian cocktail spot) 

- Mal Necessaire (tiki cocktails in Chinatown) 



- Tam tams - drum fest on Mount Royal on Sundays

- The Museum of Fine Arts on Sherbrooke

- McGill campus is super pretty - very old-school

- Old Montreal is fun to walk around 

- St. Joseph's Oratory (super french and old school)

- The lookout over Montreal on Mount Royal is a must 

- Atwater Market and Jean Talon Market (both big farmers markets/shops) are both really fun, even just to wander and snack